Augusta Health Print Designs

Provider checksheet on a clipboard Referral checksheet for Augusta Medical Group providers.

Mammography informational flyer Informational flyer for the mammography clinic.

Close-up of the campus map on a phone Campus map illustration.

Close-up of the hospital map on a phone Hospital visitor's map illustration.

Anthem flyer showing petition responses Flyer for stakeholders, showing results from an online petition.

Hospital fact sheet flyer One-sheet giving an overview of the hospital and services offered.

office-templates MS Office templates for internal staff usage: a presentation (PowerPoint), flyer, and brochure.

Employee opinion survey postcard A postcard reminder sent to employees.

Newspaper advertisement Newspaper ad.

90s themed t-shirt for a run/walk event 90s themed t-shirt for a run/walk event during Augusta Health's 25 Anniversary. The facility opened in 1994.

Augusta Health Way logo Logo for an internal team building campaign.